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LA Weekly said:   October 1, 2011 9:52 pm PST
Best Shops for Breaking Melrose Montony: Best Hard Heads 2008 - Headline Records deserves props for both its tenacity (staying alive while every other indie record store has died) and its consistently killer selection of punk, ska, rock imports and independent releases. There's also spiked and studded stuff for punk stalwarts, many of whom still hang outside the place and spare-change ya, just like the bad 'ol days. Headline may not be a hub for hardcore live shows anymore (that stopped in '02), but raw rebelliousness lives on via the posters, buttons, stickers and, of course, music รข?? the noisier the better. By Lina Lecaro

CBS Los Angeles said:   October 1, 2011 9:48 pm PST
Voted one of the Best Music Stores In Los Angeles by CBS Los Angeles - October 7, 2010 - see link:

Someonewonderful said:   October 1, 2011 9:41 pm PST
Quantitatively, Headline Records pales in comparison to Amoeba. The store is smaller, the selection is smaller, the staff is smaller, the lines are smaller, etc. Qualitatively, however, Headline far surpasses Amoeba in certain respects. If you're looking for some used albums of bands that are of the more well-known variety or of the so-obscure-it's-ridiculous variety, Amoeba is the place to go. If, however, you're looking for lesser-well-known-but-not-obscure albums or incredibly obscure punk rock, Headline is the place to go. I can't even recall how many times I've walked out of Amoeba empty-handed, despite their overflowing aisles (of CDs as well as dumb kids). I have never walked out of Headline empty-handed. While the selection is clearly smaller, it is much better. Even if you can't find anything, the guys who work there know everything and would be more than happy to make a recommendation based on your musical preferences. While the prices may be a little higher (even though I once found Mark Sultan's The Sultanic Verses for $1.99 and had to snatch it up even though I already owned it), it's worth it because you're supporting a great record shop and avoiding the hours of aggravation that come from Amoeba or other record stores and time is money, so you're really saving. The only negative is that Headline seems to be turning into a t-shirt shop. What's up with that? 5 STARS by Someonewonderful - Review on On Mon Dec 8, 2008

Peter L. said:   August 22, 2011 12:33 pm PST
The best punk rock record store in the United States. I first came here about 12 years ago while on vacation from Minnesota. Long before I resided in California. The owner Jean-Luc is super cool and knowledgable. Unlike Extreme Noise(Minneapolis), if Headline doesn't have a vinyl or CD you're looking for, they'll order it for you. Tons of great music, cool shirts, buttons, etc. Classic '77 punk, pre-punk/garage, '82 hardcore, thrash, crust, street punk/Oi!, Black metal, Psychobilly, New Wave, and so on.... Headline has it all. A great record store for the true punk enthusiast!!! - 5 STARS by Peter L. (Upland, CA) - Review on 07/31/2011

Christine C. said:   August 22, 2011 12:31 pm PST
This is record store is probably more punk than you are. Filled with obscure 7", patches, dvds, shirts, attitude, and more. Smells and feels like a typical dirty punk rock venue, and they used to have shows here too! Lots of history here. They have a collection of zines, and the records go for a fair price. It may be hard to find what you are looking for, but I'm sure the guys will help you find what you are looking for. They even have scenester pants, and many lifetimes of shirts for the hardcore fan's wardrobe. - 4 STARS by Christine C. (Los Angeles, CA) - Review on 07/01/2010

Frances L. said:   August 22, 2011 12:30 pm PST
It's seriously ridiculous how much I love this place. I have been coming into this show for over 10 years and not much has changed. Jean-Luc is still as awesome and in-tune with things as ever, and they've still got a killer punk vinyl selection. My formative music years (ages 12-19) were spent at establishments like Headline, Aaron's Records, Sea Level, and Benway--- yet all the others have since closed. Headline on Melrose remains, and although digital music sales and indie megahouses like Amoeba reign supreme, it's great to know that places like this still exist. Most recently I found a Fall 7" that I have been looking for, and that delighted me. When it comes to punk vinyl, Headline can't be beat. For the more "indie" or experimental stuff, you're probably better off at Vacation or Origami. Looking for a sweet Clash T-shirt to get your brother for his birthday? Don't throw your money at chains like Hot Topic. This is the real deal. - 5 STARS by Frances L. (Los Angeles, CA) - Review on 04/21/2011

Melissa M. said:   August 22, 2011 12:29 pm PST
I went here a few times a few years ago, but decided to do a review now. This store is great and the guys working here are also great and friendly. It's got a good selection of old school hardcore, punk, thrash, and ska. You mostly find music in the range of the early 80s to late 80's old school hardcore and 70s punk. Very organized for a small hardcore punk music shop. I could find everything I was looking for. They got a lot of music selection and no matter what people say that the stuff is more expensive than other record stores, it's still worth it. I personally don't think it's any more expensive than most record shops. Check it out. - 5 STARS by Melissa M. (San Gabriel, CA) - Review by 12/27/2010

Don B. said:   August 22, 2011 12:28 pm PST
A very specialized Melrose shop, mostly punk, hardcore, ska. The selection is not vast, but it does cover a lot of ground. T-shirts, posters, badges, studs for your leather jacket - this is a punk rock paradise. Even the vinyl listed under "collectible" status isn't overpriced. My daughter picked up a great Operation Ivy poster for $10. Free fanzines at the counter, a very engaged (owner/manager?), and a real passion for the genres represented make this a must-stop the next time I'm dragged down Melrose to "look at shoes," etc. - 4 STARS by Don B. (Oak View, CA) - Review on 03/27/2010

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