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Parker W. said:   December 11, 2013 12:53 pm PST
Five stars no doubt. I live in San Diego but travel to LA pretty frequently for business and always try to work in a visit to Headline. They have everything from back patches to bobble heads. The dudes that run it are great and I always enjoy talking to Jean about his experiences in hardcore/punk. They're an incredible local business to support. Don't miss this place next time you're in LA.

Keisha W. said:   March 30, 2013 10:58 am PST
Have never bought anything musical from this place. There are reviews for that. Mine are for the ever popular studs. If you want to stud the fabric outta every piece of clothing you own (a la me), then this is the place. I couldn't wait long enough to order studs and spikes offline, hot topic has minimal amounts for too big a price tag, and downtown shops are expensive and far. This place has loads of options and for a pretty good price. I usually get 130 studs for a bit over $10! :) and they're super nice. Sometimes I go into the punk rock stores and you'd think I'd have 7 eyes and boobs the size of minnesota, but the service here has always been over and beyond.5 STARS by Keisha W. (Los Angeles, CA) - Review on 12/12/2012

Giancario P. said:   March 30, 2013 10:55 am PST
I first started coming here since 2004! (WOW) I remember buying lots of THE ADICTS shirts when I was obsessed with them at that time still am!, I got my first 9 ring bondage belt (I still have it 'til this day, it barely fits me since I've lost weight over the years HAHA, Oh great quality leather though worth the money.) I was never into punk back then, I was mostly into SKA, going to the ALLEN THEATRE, going only to SKA nights, great times! YEARS later, now I love punk etc. I can't believe I missed out over the years HAHA! I always visit Headline Records whenever I'm browsing on Melrose :-) Headline is for punks & punks only. Headline is underground for underground only! I'm glad Headline is still in business 'til this day. 5 STARS by Giancario P. (Bell, CA) - Review on 01/20/2013

Joseph T said:   March 30, 2013 10:53 am PST
One of the only places that i can still go and find clothes i like. Band shirts i like and be able to design by leather the way i like. Headline also be on deck with those tickets for your favorite punk band. Very knowledgeable staff they have and you can always count on finding a punk dvd you never seen. Its all about supporting the underground scene of punk rock!!!...( no boots sold here thou, go to posers). 5 STARS by Joseph T. (Los Angeles, CA) - Review on 02/01/2013

Ishimoto E. said:   March 30, 2013 10:51 am PST
One of my favorite store/places for music in the Melrose area, which goes deep into the Punk genras and its generic global ancestry. I just wish there was more room for more music. The owner is a great guy who will share as much of his musical knowledge as possible. If punk and the likes is your cup-of-tea-with-the-duchess, you should stop by this place. 5 STARS by Ishimoto E. (Mirrormont, WA) - Review on 02/05/2013

Clifton. said:   July 9, 2012 3:09 am PST
was on holiday in US, (Australian visitor,)back in march went into store an got chatting with Ken! great bloke helped me out with the scene in LA an SF, also thanks heaps Ken for telling me to book my Alcatraz tour before i left LA would have missed out otherwise!!!!! would have brought more but had to pack it all into my bags!!!, cant wait to visit again one day soon..........

Edward M. in Los Angeles said:   April 28, 2012 4:01 pm PST
The staff (especially Jean) KNOWS punk. If there's something you're looking for, the staff can help you find it... at least the artist and album. It may not always be in stock, but at least you'll know what you're looking for. They are also very honest about their stock and will tell you if something is in or out of print and when to scour the world wide webs as a last resort. Items aren't always in stock and import prices are a bit steep as this an independent shop. However, I was looking for the Struggle Anthology CD and Jean tracked it down and snapped one up from Ebulltion for me at a low price. Also, they had new copies (like $13 a piece) of Assück CD's that Amazon was listing as out of print at exorbitant prices. The staff is also a great resource if you're looking to broaden your scope. Tell'em what you like and, chances are, they'll give you great recommendations. I'm pretty picky and (Jean in particular) has made a lot of great suggestions and expanded my European punk selections... which would figure since he's originally from Europe. I've been coming here since it was vinyl only in the late 90's. Still the same great store (different location since then). Just a bummer when they sell out of something you're looking for. 5 STARS by Edward M. in Los Angeles - Review on 04/21/2012

Tru P. said:   February 28, 2012 4:44 pm PST
You want old school punk rock t shirts! This is the place to go to. The first time I came to this store was in 1999 when I was on tour from DC with Count Me Out. We were on tour with Carry On and Collision. This store is awesome and the owner rules. Check out the vinyl section, found some gems here. 5 STARS by Tru P. (Los Angeles, CA) - Review on 02/05/2012

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