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Headline Tshirt on Netflix's Series

We rent the store for special occasions
(by hours or day / any time during the day or night)
Shooting a movie or a commercial, photo or a video clip
school project, documentary or interview
Don't hesitate to call me if you have any question

Q & A

When can I rent the store?
You can rent the store at anytime. Day or night. Of course, if you want to rent it during regular hours (12pm to 8pm) we need to close the store. If it's the case, see the rate below. ANYTIME (2am??) or any day .. no problem.

What kind of photo shoot, video I can do, and many people can you accept? 
We did all types of photo shoots, videos, interviews or commercials (for brands, catalog or short movies. Small or big crew are welcome).

Can I use the back of the store (cashier area)?
Yes, just ask us.

If i need electricity (for lights or other electrical items), can I use the store plugs?

Can i change something in the store (paint, decor, set up etc )
The store is small : 800 square feet. All displays (LP's and CD's racks) can be move easily. But ask us, and let see what we can do. Different paint: as usual, everything and anything can be done. Just a matter of your budget, time and what do you want. About the "decor": THIS IS A PUNK STORE ! You have to be aware, a lot "radical messages" or "offensive pictures" are in display at the store. Of course, we can change some "little things", but don't forget, it still a Punk Store. The only thing I can say is: Headline Records is not for everyone.

Do I need an insurance?
We have a regular retail insurance for the store, but its better if you have a specific one when you rent the store.

How much to rent Headline Records?
If you want to rent the store OUTSIDE of the regular hours (The store hours are:12pm to 8pm everyday)

Outiside hours - The rental is between: $150 - $200/hour (anytime or day)
During the regular hours (12pm to 8pm - need to close the store): between $300 to $400 /hour depending of the day.

Do you do discount (if I rent the store more than one day or if I'm a student )?
Renting more than one day: Yes discount available. Just ask me
Student: Yes (need your student ID) - Just ask me

Again, don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info. You don't need to call if you want to check the store and take pictures (outside & inside). The store is open to the public every day.
Just ask before - Thank you - John

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