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If you have Flyers, Pictures or Videos of bands who plaid at Headline Records
come to the store with any pictures, flyers or videos (I can scan them on the spot) or scan the flyers or pictures and send them through email
Please contact me at or call me at 323 655 2125 if you have any question or come to the store 

I first used the name HEADLINE in 1991 when I organized my first concert in France. I needed a name and after a lot of indecision, I finally settled on HEADLINE. I then used this name again as the title of a radio broadcast with which I was involved.

For many years (before the organization of any concerts) I was a DJ at a small DIY radio station in Orleans, France. At the same time, I organized some shows: Jeff Dahl on his first European Tour, Devil Dogs, Burning Heads, Didjits, 9 Pound Hammer, Jawbreaker and many more....

In 1995, I opened Headline Records Store here in Los Angeles. From the beginning, Headline Records has completely been D.I.Y. Also, from its inception, the store has doubled as a makeshift club where both local & touring bands can play. Since we started, we’re proud to say that we’ve had almost 500 shows at the store (you can check the band's listing in the website). Most of them were free to the public (no cover / all ages). For me, those shows were an integral part of Headline Records, which is equally as important as the records we sell.

Unfortunately, on Feb 28th 2003 (25 ta Life, Skaretactic, Folsom, Low Life) the store was shut down by the fire department. The decision to stop doing shows at the store was hard, but necessary. We didn’t really have a choice.

This section of the Headline Web Site (flyer section) is dedicated to all the bands who played at the store and people who help the scene stay alive.

Thanks a lot. 
Jean Luc (or John)


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